My HYPERNOVEL, "Properties Of Light" is now available. And it's taken awhile. I wrote it twenty years ago, when it was almost published by Crown, but am now able to bring it to readers the way I envisioned it from the start: a holistic hyperbook, not linear plotline. The reader can move through the chapters using hyperlinks that connect colors, terms, moods, characters, events, and concepts. There are around a hundred short chapters, each of them a description of a photograph by the nameless narrator.

A "literary" novel, it is nevertheless not at all dull. The images are of sex, of glamour, or brutality, of luminous moments. The overall theme is of a sort of philosophy of light: in which that basic driver of all we see or are is recorded with technical gadgets, chemistry, gear, circumstances--all flesh inspired by the motive spark.

Based partly on my career as a photographer in Seattle, but augmented by events and stories from many great photographers I met while manning the Northwest desk for American Photographer magazine, these stories/images should keep you marveling. Click the "box" to see the book on the Kindle store. Take a look--let me know what your think.


This is a MAJOR EVENT for me, and I invite you to share it. It's been my honor, privilege, and total exasperation to be part of the team of writers who produced the sweeping, gripping, wacko book, MAYAN CALENDAR GIRLS. It’s been a long journey, but with great companions, as the novel worked itself out as a weekly online serial, moved on to cop awards as a envelope-pushing ebook… and is now in ordinary paperback format.
Far from an ordinary book, though. Different readers have found it to be an action novel, romance, humor, and dolphin porn. Created in the vein of Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, Terry Pratchett, and Robert Anton Wilson, it zigzags around in the wake of six hot young women (the titular Calendar Girls) caught up in the machinations of politicians (see Obama hosting his own talk show), powerful artifact nabbers, a crystal skull strung out on stoners, Hollywood (visit awhile with Francis Ford Coppola, physicists, firedancers, Committee To Un-Elect agents, industrial spies, and what looks like an attempt to rebuild Mayan civilization from scratch, and finding ways to kick butt and lose their clothing.
If you are a fan of Mexico, so much the better. If you just like a book that moves your through places you hadn’t thought of being, here it is. Get it and read it fast: there’s only so much time left.

A Wonderful Review

Few events in my so-called writing career have given me as much pleasure as the first major review to appear for SWEET SPOT. James Tipton, the ace reviewer for Mexico Connect--Mexico's major gringo publication--has written a review of the calibre writers would gladly die for, but seldom get the chance.

It would have been enough for a reviewer of his stature to say it was a nice book and press it on his readers, but Mr. Tipton is a major fan of SWEET SPOT and doesn't shrink from calling it "incredible" and wondering why it hasn't gotten Pulitzer and National Book Award nominations. Seriously...read it here. There is no way I can even pretend modesty over something like this: even mentioning it is a brag and, I gotta say, Mr. Tipton is one sharp cookie and anybody who doesn't grab SWEET SPOT and gobble it down is missing out.

Man! This is the sort of thing that makes writing worthwhile!

Two For Mexico


Two titles that will expand your awareness of Mexico... and your reading pleasure.
Choose the exciting Mazatalan novel, SWEET SPOT or the thoughtful border essays in IMAGINARY LINES

Imaginary Lines Video: Linton Robinson


I'm proud to announce that the "trailer" video for IMAGINARY LINES won a Coveted COVEY Book Trailer Award.
I want to thank everybody who supported and voted for this video, and Victor Cauduro for the incredible paintings that made it so beautiful and intriguing.

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